Activities/Services - Mercy Mountain
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Ropes/Challenge Course:

  • Come and build confidence in yourself, team, or group through our high and low elements.  On-site we have a rappelling tower, rock climbing wall, zip lines, and numerous other elements to challenge yourself and your team.
  • Mercy Mountain is in an exclusive partnership with Team Adventure to facilitate these organized groups.  Reservations can made along with pricing inquiries by visiting their website at
  • If you and/or your group have lodging needs please visit the Lodging page.

Airsoft Field:

  • Mercy Mountain has an Airsoft Field that can be reserved for private groups.  There are 4 bases and rugged terrain between them with various advantage points, concealment, and obstacles.  All players must have appropriate safety gear, biodegradable BB’s, waivers signed, if under the age of 18 there must be a legal guardian present, and no guns over 400 FPS.  Every game and objective is different, please contact us directly for specifics and pricing.


  • PLEASE TAKE NOTE  that the Falls Creek Trail is CLOSED.  The ONLY way the stream or falls will be entered is with a reserved Guided Tour for your group accompanied by our Certified Lifeguard.
  • Daily hiking for individuals is NO LONGER available.  We have made this decision for your safety and the safety of our family.
  • Groups that are staying on-site in the lodge are welcome to hike on the opened trails.  Specifics as to what trails will be opened during your stay will be discussed when you make your reservations.
  • If you have a group that would like to hike our beautiful trails, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to coordinate a specific package price.


  • We love to party!  There are numerous venues at Mercy Mountain so if you are planning a birthday party, corporate gathering, family reunion, wedding, or any other gathering…we can design a specific package for your needs.  Contact us for pricing quotes!


  • There is nothing like “leaving it all behind” and escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Staying at Mercy Mountain is therapy in itself.  This is a secluded and beautiful way to reconnect or connect for the first time with the Lord, get rejuvenated, challenge your mind and body, or celebrate events.  Visit the Lodging page for more information.


  • We have been working tirelessly on clearing brush and trees for more pasture as well as cleaning the tremendous amount of trash that was left for us to clean on the property.  We are working to continuously beautify the property and make it safer for our animals as well as you! With special permission and prior coordination, we can add an educational and therapeutic event of spending time with our livestock.  We have cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, a lamb, etc.

Corporate Retreats:

  • We have a consultant on staff that would be excited to speak with you about your goals for a corporate retreat.  Everything from relaxation to doing a deep dive into your business and guiding you through igniting growth.  Professional references are available upon request in numerous industries.

Firearms, Survival, Taser/Pepper Spray, Church/School Security, Active Shooter Training:

  • We are excited to now offer these exciting courses through Mercy Mountain with our partner at Public Safety and Education (PS&Ed).  Registration and pre-requisites are listed at  Onsite we have a live fire pistol range with distances up to 150 feet and are in the planning phases of adding a long distance rifle range.
  • We are now able to offer skeet shooting for groups as well.  Contact Mercy Mountain directly to schedule this activity for your group.  This can be added to a retreat stay on the property as well.
  • PS&Ed is also offering FREE TRAINING to schools, teacher, faculty, and administrators.  Contact Matt at PS&Ed today to invest in the safety of the children and youth.
  • All instructors are professionally trained through the private sector or the military.  There is a vast amount of experience from the military, combat veterans, and law enforcement officers.


  • Looking for a new adrenaline pumping sport? Do you skate or snowboard?  Here is a new sport to get into!
  • Off-road, oversized wheels on a flexible and long skate deck.
  • If you have your own…Bring it out!  Schedule your group to come out and head up the mountain and I guarantee you will come down a LOT faster than you went up!
  • Don’t have a board?  That is fine.  We are an authorized dealer for MBS.  Search their products and let me know what you want.  Guarantee we can get you set up for the best price around!