On-site Rules and Conduct

  1. First and foremost, this is a homestead where we raise our family.  Please be respectful of that.  There will be areas marked as “Private” or “Staff Only”, respect these boundaries at all times.
  2. Trespassing: No entry onto the property is authorized unless approved and guided by a member of the Mercy Mountain family or the Team Adventure family.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  3. Drugs: There is a ZERO TOLERANCE for drugs on the property of Mercy Mountain.  Violators of this policy will be held until law enforcement arrives and charges will be filed. Mercy Mountain also executes their rights to not allow the use of Medical Marihuana Products as defined in Title 10, Chapter XIII, Part 1004, Section 1004.18.
  4. Mercy Mountain is a faith based business/ministry.  Though we respect other’s points of view, we will remain un-apologetic about our faith.  Please respect and follow the following:
    1. Language: Please be mindful of the language you are using. We are not legalistic about it, however, we ask that you try to watch your language.  We do understand that it may slip it out, especially during adventurous activities, but we ask that you are mindful of your surroundings.  Especially around children!
    2. Attire: Please use discretion with your clothing options.  We ask that you dress appropriate for the occasion with a level of modesty.  Once something is seen, it cannot be unseen. If you are going to partake in a form of water play that you would wear a swimsuit for, a one piece suit is required.  We understand that most of the activities at Mercy Mountain are physical activities.  We do not want you to be uncomfortable, however, we do ask that discretion is used and private areas are covered.
    3. Smoking:  Only permitted in authorized areas and butts are disposed of in proper disposal containers.
    4. Litter:  We work continuously to preserve the land and steward it properly.  Trash will be disposed of in a proper trash can.  There will be a surcharge of $100 for littering to cover the cost of sending a crew out to pick up after you.
    5. Pets:  NO PETS allowed.  With prior arrangements, we can work with you to come up with a plan for a leashed animal.  As stated, this is a homestead first and our family has livestock that contributes to our livelihood as well as our own pets that live here.  We do not want them, you, or your pet, in danger.
    6. Alcohol: We do not and will not condone excessive drinking and drunken behavior.  With prior arrangements during your reservation, alcohol can be permitted in certain areas of the property.  No glass containers. The legal drinking age in our country is 21 years of age and this will be strictly adhered to.  Violators will be turned into law enforcement.
  5. Fishing:  Mercy Mountain adheres to NY State fishing regulations.  We only participate in Catch and Release fishing for sport.  Any violators and/or cruelty to our fish will result in being escorted off the property and reported to the DEC of NY State.  Please read this helpful information, CLICK HERE.
  6. Deposits/Refunds: All deposits are due at the time of a reservation is made.  Please confirm your dates as deposits are non-refundable.  We understand life throws us curveballs, so this can be assessed on a case by case basis.  However, Mercy Mountain, LLC reserves the right to deny a refund for any reason.
  7. MM Clean Deposit:  Certain reservations require a $100 deposit.  The MM Clean Deposit is fully refundable after Mercy Mountain staff has checked and cleared the areas you and your group used.  We understand that there will be a level of evidence that a venue or lodge was used but if Mercy Mountain staff will be required to do more cleaning than they would normally do to prepare the venue or lodge for the next guest, the deposit will be transferred to a cleaning invoice.  We desire for you to have a wonderful experience!  It begins with showing up to a clean and prepared area.  We want to show the next guest the same respect we have shown you.
  8. Hiking:  There is NO DAY HIKING without a group reservation.  Hiking on the opened trails is authorized with prior arrangements for a guide from Mercy Mountain for patrons of the lodge, a venue, group gathering, etc.  Ropes course groups need to make prior arrangements with Team Adventure and guided by one of their members.  Falls Creek Trail is closed to the public.  If your group desires to experience the Falls Creek Trail, reservations must be made with Mercy Mountain for a 2 hour guided tour with our Certified Lifeguard.  Lack of respect for the trails or the wildlife that God has put here for our pleasure and sustainment will result in immediate eviction from the property.
  9. Vehicles:  The speed limit on Mercy Mountain is 5 MPH!  It destroys our roadways and is dangerous for our family, patrons, and animals.  Speeding will not be tolerated and result in eviction from the property.  Park in designated parking areas only.  Stay off the grass.
  10. Buses:  There is not a safe turn around area once entering the gates of Mercy Mountain.  Buses need to park and turn around at the gravel area on the right prior to entering the property.  If you accidently enter the property, you are to turn off your engine and find a member of Mercy Mountain or Team Adventure to keep the roadways clear and ground guide you back out of the gate to the bus parking/turn around area.

**Changes to these policies can be made without notice.  Please check back regularly to ensure you are up to date on current rules and regulations.**